How CBD For Sleep Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep


If you’ve tried tips for better sleep and cbd for sleep canada but still aren’t getting a good night’s rest, it’s time to talk with your doctor or healthcare professional. They can perform an examination and learn more about your lifestyle and sleep habits to find a cause for the problem.

Anxiety can be a major contributor to poor sleep. CBD helps calm the nervous system and may be able to help people with anxiety-related sleep disorders like insomnia. In a recent nationally representative Consumer Reports survey, 80% of people who took CBD for sleep reported lower anxiety levels within a month. But it’s important to note that results vary widely depending on the dosage, method of administration and other personal factors.

Sweet Dreams: Exploring CBD for Sleep in Canada

Some CBD products take longer to get into the bloodstream than others, so it’s best to consume them at least 30 minutes before bedtime. CBD drops placed under the tongue and inhaled through a vape are the quickest methods of delivery as they bypass the digestive tract and go straight into the bloodstream. If you’re looking for a more immediate effect, try evn’s sleep powder, which dissolves in warm milk or tea and is easy to stir into your favorite beverage. You can also add it to a smoothie for a pre-bed snack. Each serving contains 20mg of full spectrum CBD to ease you into some Zzzs.

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