Magic Mushroom Dispensary

A new kind of drug shop is open in Portland, Oregon, one that aims to capitalize on the state’s trailblazing psilocybin therapy law. Called a “magic mushroom dispensary,” it’s set up like a marijuana dispensary but sells psychedelic mushrooms instead of cannabis. It costs $70 to $95 for a 7-gram baggie and requires two forms of ID, reports Willamette Week. A similar operation is taking root in Florida, where Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp, the first hemp and mushroom dispensary in the nation, started selling fungal products in Ybor City in September. Though the company focuses on legal marijuana, it has added a line of magic mushroom products that don’t contain psilocybin. They include mushroom gummies, capsules and mycology growth kits that can theoretically grow mushrooms for consumption. Chillum’s owner, who is a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, says the addition hasn’t drawn in new customers or increased his sales. Find out:

Enlightenment in Every Cap: Exploring Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

In Canada, where psilocybin is still illegal, stores with names such as Shroomyz and Fun Guyz have sprung up in cities including Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. They operate in a legal grey area where police often turn a blind eye.

While the mushroom shops are illegal, they do attract customers. They are marketed to people looking for relief from depression and PTSD, or to those who want to “micro-dose,” which means consuming a small amount of psilocybin to experience a hallucinogenic effect. Some of these customers are also interested in incorporating mushrooms into their mental health treatment, which is the goal of a new organization called Psilocybin for Depression and Anxiety.

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Blue Coma – An Uplifting Weed Strain


Mac 1 strain coma is a high-potency sativa strain that delivers a powerful psychedelic experience. It is often used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression. This strain has a THC content of up to 29% and moderate CBD levels, making it a potent yet safe choice for recreational users. Its uplifting effects can help you feel relaxed and at ease even during the day. This makes it a good choice for those who struggle with sleeplessness and fatigue.

This rare Sativa cultivar is the offspring of Coma OG and Blue Dream. It is also known by the name Crystal Coma and took 3rd place at the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup. Its THC content typically reaches between 18 and 24 percent, which is quite a bit for a Sativa strain.

Sweet Dreams and Deep Sleep: Exploring the Tranquil World of Indica Gummies

What makes this strain truly stand out is its enticing aroma and flavor profile. Its aroma is complex and fruity, with hints of blueberry. The taste is sweet and tropical with subtle spicy notes that linger on your palate. The result is a full-bodied experience that will have you reaching for this strain again and again.

Blue coma’s impressive flavors are thanks to its terpene profile. Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene are among the terpenes found in this strain. Limonene gives this strain a fresh, citrusy aroma that can invigorate your mood and boost energy. Myrcene, on the other hand, has sedative and relaxing effects that can calm stress, pain, and tension.


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Party Rental Westchester

Whether you’re hosting a backyard affair, tented wedding or gala, brand activation, corporate function, school graduation, non-profit fundraiser or movie set – our experienced event planners will create the right look to make your special day a success. We offer ‘a la carte’ Party rental Westchester or custom tailored packages to meet all your needs.

Why is rent in Westchester so expensive?

Located in Westchester County, this full-service rental company offers seamless decor solutions to elevate the aesthetic of your special celebrations. From tents and flooring to linens and china, their showroom is a one-stop shop for your venue styling needs. For more than eleven years, this local business has honed their process down to a science. They are committed to the community and pride themselves on their communication and preparation skills that ensure a seamless and successful event for you and your guests. They also provide a wide range of additional services to suit your needs, such as catering and bar service. They are a great choice for your next event!

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Mighty Vaporizer Review

the mighty vaporizer uk

The mighty vaporizer uk is a massively popular portable vaporizer that’s been one of the best on the market since its release. It was the first vaporizer that really caught on with the public and has since established itself as the gold standard for all portable vaporizers. It’s a powerful device that can produce some truly spectacular vapour from both dry herbs and liquid concentrates without the need to combust the materials.

This is thanks to the patented combination of full hot air convection heating and additional conduction. This results in dense, tasty and flavourful vapor right from the start. It’s also very quick to heat up and reaches the chosen temperature in just seconds. It’s one of the most effective portable vaporizers in terms of performance, and is on par with many desktop vaporizers.

The Mighty Vaporizer: Unlocking a Premium Vaping Experience in the UK

It’s simple to use and has a brilliantly clear LED screen which displays the current temperature, battery meter and more. The temperature can be adjusted with the push of a button and the device will vibrate when it has reached your desired temperature. It’s not the most discreet vaporizer however and isn’t a good choice for days out due to its size and power.

It’s easy to load and empty the Mighty too – the top of the device simply twists off to reveal the loading chamber. The Mighty’s smart cooling unit is another factor in its amazing vapor quality – it cools the vapor so that you can inhale a cool and refreshing hit every time you draw.

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