Blue Coma – An Uplifting Weed Strain



Mac 1 strain coma is a high-potency sativa strain that delivers a powerful psychedelic experience. It is often used to treat anxiety, stress, and depression. This strain has a THC content of up to 29% and moderate CBD levels, making it a potent yet safe choice for recreational users. Its uplifting effects can help you feel relaxed and at ease even during the day. This makes it a good choice for those who struggle with sleeplessness and fatigue.

This rare Sativa cultivar is the offspring of Coma OG and Blue Dream. It is also known by the name Crystal Coma and took 3rd place at the 2014 L.A. Cannabis Cup. Its THC content typically reaches between 18 and 24 percent, which is quite a bit for a Sativa strain.

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What makes this strain truly stand out is its enticing aroma and flavor profile. Its aroma is complex and fruity, with hints of blueberry. The taste is sweet and tropical with subtle spicy notes that linger on your palate. The result is a full-bodied experience that will have you reaching for this strain again and again.

Blue coma’s impressive flavors are thanks to its terpene profile. Limonene, Pinene, and Myrcene are among the terpenes found in this strain. Limonene gives this strain a fresh, citrusy aroma that can invigorate your mood and boost energy. Myrcene, on the other hand, has sedative and relaxing effects that can calm stress, pain, and tension.


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