What Does a Concreter Do?


Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials available. Concreters cairns can be used to build or resurface a range of different structures, including driveways, sidewalks, floors and patios. It can be poured in place or cast onto a form, depending on the project and site requirements.

How do I choose a concreter?

Local concreters work across a variety of both residential and commercial projects. They use a wide range of tools and machinery to complete each job, from simple hand trowels to concrete mixers and pump trucks. They also have access to specialised equipment such as concrete vibrators and power floats. Regardless of the scope or size of the project, concreters can help ensure it is completed on time and to the required standard.

The process of concreting involves a number of stages, beginning with excavation and creating a base to support the concrete. For larger projects, concreters may use a mechanical excavator to dig out the area and prepare it for concrete. Once the concrete is poured, it can be left to set for 24 hours. This allows the concrete to bind together and strengthen.

Once the concrete has fully set, concreters can polish and finish it to achieve the desired look. The most common finishes include smooth, exposed aggregate and burnished/cream polished. Smooth concrete is ideal for pool surrounds, as it is easy to clean and prevents slippage.

Concreters can also add colour to the concrete for a decorative effect. This is done by mixing water, aggregates, cement and the chosen colour pigment to create a unique hue for the concrete.

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