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About OTR Marketing Johannesburg Wholesale Food
OTR Marketing Johannesburg Wholesale Food  to efficiency in the distribution of food products. It bridges collection from producers and delivery to retailers or to consumers. In this context, wholesalers are intermediaries and their activities influence the final price of food products by four percent. Despite their contribution to food supply chains, most African cities do not have central markets of perishable products that are modern in terms of their design and installations. They are often located next to retail markets and it is not easy to distinguish between wholesale and retail functions. In addition, internal by-laws regulating market days, hours of operation and selling hours, allocation by tender of market stalls, access to the installations and entrance passes are poorly defined.

Wholesale Food Solutions: OTR Marketing’s Impact on Johannesburg’s Culinary Industry”

In order to address these shortcomings, the national food markets are managed by the National Fresh Produce Markets Corporation, a public corporation in which municipal authorities hold the majority shareholding. The Corporation is tasked with managing the facilities, carrying out quality controls, generating price statistics and providing market services.

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