LVL Music Academy – The Best Violin Teacher in Singapore


There are many benefits to learning violin from professional singapore violin teachers. They can help you learn the correct fingerings, bowing patterns, and the proper sound production. They can also help you with the fundamentals of music theory. They can also guide you on playing violin songs and can help you with your performance skills. They can also teach you how to play different styles of violin music. If you are thinking of getting your child to take violin lessons, it is important to check whether the violin teacher is qualified and experienced. The best way to do this is to read reviews and look for testimonials.

Is it OK to start violin at 15?

LVL Music Academy is a team of professional music teachers that has been established to provide top quality violin lessons. Its founder, Janice, is an experienced musician who can help students find the right violin teacher according to their needs. She has been a violin teacher in Singapore for over 14 years, and has extensive experience assisting her students in gaining admittance to their desired schools (SOTA, ACSI, Methodist Girls Secondary School, St. Margaret’s).

Their teachers have a wealth of teaching experience and a strong track record of student success in both the practical ABRSM examinations and concert performances. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for the instrument with their students, and believe that violin should be a joy to play, rather than a chore. They are committed to the Suzuki method and have been trained personally by Dr. Suzuki himself, as well as by Ms Chise Yajima and Mr Yasuki Nakamura. Read more :

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