How to Transplant a Snake Plant


How to transplant a snake plant? There are a few different ways to transplant a snake tire planter ideas, but the most effective way is by dividing the entire plant into individual plants. This is also the best method for propagating a snake plant that has grown very large. Using a sharp knife, cut the tightly tangled roots apart. Each division should contain at least three leaves and their accompanying roots. Plant the divided snake plant in moist potting mix and place in bright but indirect light.

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Before repotting, thoroughly water the snake plant to prevent wilting and reduce stress during the repotting process. This will help prevent the snake plant from getting a shock.

Turn the snake plant pot on its side and gently tap the bottom to loosen up the root mass. Gently remove the snake plant from its old pot.

Examine the snake plant’s roots and trim away any unhealthy or damaged roots. Healthy roots should be firm to the touch and white in color.

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