Enhancing Your Apple Watch – The Bust Down Effect


Enhancing your watch The bust down effect

Enhancing your watch: The bust down effect you’ve been wearing your Apple Watch for years or just got one for the holidays, tweaking its settings can make it more useful. For example, changing the way you activate Siri, arranging apps in a list view instead of a grid and setting Portrait Mode photos from your iPhone as your watch background can be big improvements. Plus, the watchOS 10 update introduced widgets for quickly seeing tidbits like your activity progress, the weather and news headlines.

Unleash Your Style: Exploring the World of Watch Customization Options

The bust down effect refers to the boom-bust economic cycle, where a crash can cause investors and consumers to sell assets for safety, like stocks, bonds and gold, which drives prices down, causing even more investors and consumers to sell. The process can last a long time, eventually leading to a depression if confidence continues to plummet. But, if investors and consumers believe that things can only get better, they will buy back the assets they sold, driving prices up and halting the slump. This can be accelerated by central bank monetary policy and government fiscal policies that make assets less expensive, such as mortgage interest tax deductions. This article is part of our 12 Days of Tips series helping you make the most of your tech, home and health over the holiday season.

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