Tor is an anonymizing network that protects your identity online and provides you with greater privacy, security, and freedom when surfing the web. It uses a collection of public servers known as bridges and relays that form a path between you and the websites you visit. Using a combination of encryption and tunneling protocols, it sends your traffic across several layers of servers.

The TOR IP lookup API provides you with an array of data that helps you identify proxy connections, detect TOR exit nodes, and more. By using this powerful tool you can improve your audience’s experience by personalizing content, implementing language detection and translation, and making sure they receive the website version of your site that is appropriate to their location.

Ensuring Security: TOR IP Lookup API

Identify proxies, VPNs and TOR connections with our best-in-class proxy detection. The ipstack TOR IP lookup API allows you to easily detect a proxy or a TOR connection in real-time utilizing dynamic checks that constantly update. We also include a probabilistic value between 0 and 1 of how likely it is the IP address is a proxy based on machine learning & probability theory.

The API provides you with an array of more than 45 unique response objects in either JSON or XML. The response objects are split into 4 modules including general information, location data, time zone data, currency data and connection data. Each module has a description of each response object to help you understand what data is returned with your query.

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