The Best Bund Lining Materials For Chemical and Oil Storage Applications


best bund lining materials

The best bund lining materials for chemical and oil storage applications are protective coating systems based on modern synthetic resin technologies. These offer a wide range of physical and chemical resistances to allow the lining system to be tailored for the specific needs of the project in question. This is particularly important for secondary containment as the lining must be able to tolerate the chemicals being stored (as well as abrasion and temperature extremes).

Concrete and steel bunds are prone to damaged mortar joints, corrosion issues, movement problems and the inability to withstand the necessary temperatures of the stored chemicals. Polymer based linings and coating systems provide a robust and long lasting solution, allowing the lining to remain in place for 25 years or more – providing good maintenance is carried out.

Beyond Basics: Navigating the World of Superior Materials for Bund Lining Solutions

A Belzona client recently required a solution for the repair of a major leak at their power station water treatment plant bund. The local Belzona distributor applied a high performance epoxy resin based coating system to the tank wall and floor. This material was selected due to its excellent chemical and temperature resistances, durability and ease of application.

In the event of a tank leak or failure, a bund liner offers a secondary level of containment that protects against spillage, preventing environmental damage and keeping employees safe. Bund liners are also very good at dealing with chemical attacks, meaning that things like nitric acid and sulphuric acid can be easily contained if they leach into the bund area.

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