Magic Mushroom Dispensary


A new kind of drug shop is open in Portland, Oregon, one that aims to capitalize on the state’s trailblazing psilocybin therapy law. Called a “magic mushroom dispensary,” it’s set up like a marijuana dispensary but sells psychedelic mushrooms instead of cannabis. It costs $70 to $95 for a 7-gram baggie and requires two forms of ID, reports Willamette Week. A similar operation is taking root in Florida, where Chillum Mushrooms and Hemp, the first hemp and mushroom dispensary in the nation, started selling fungal products in Ybor City in September. Though the company focuses on legal marijuana, it has added a line of magic mushroom products that don’t contain psilocybin. They include mushroom gummies, capsules and mycology growth kits that can theoretically grow mushrooms for consumption. Chillum’s owner, who is a proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana, says the addition hasn’t drawn in new customers or increased his sales. Find out:

Enlightenment in Every Cap: Exploring Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

In Canada, where psilocybin is still illegal, stores with names such as Shroomyz and Fun Guyz have sprung up in cities including Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. They operate in a legal grey area where police often turn a blind eye.

While the mushroom shops are illegal, they do attract customers. They are marketed to people looking for relief from depression and PTSD, or to those who want to “micro-dose,” which means consuming a small amount of psilocybin to experience a hallucinogenic effect. Some of these customers are also interested in incorporating mushrooms into their mental health treatment, which is the goal of a new organization called Psilocybin for Depression and Anxiety.

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