How to make Jollof Rice


Egusi Soup recipeHow to make Jollof Rice p is a classic Nigerian soup made with the seeds of melon. It is rich in protein and fat, so it’s a great choice for anyone on a low-carb diet. The melon seeds are ground to thicken the soup, giving it an exotic taste. The dish pairs well with pounded yam, which is also traditional.

To prepare the soup, soak the shaki (stock fish) and dried fish in water for about half an hour. Then cook them in a pot of water with the stock cubes until soft. In the meantime, grind the egusi seeds in a grinder or food processor and add the crayfish and pepper mix. This makes the soup much more flavourful than using pre-ground egusi.

The egusi is then mixed into the meat and fish in the pot. This method of making the soup is also healthier because it reduces the amount of oil used. If the boiled meats and fish are not very tender, boil them again. Add a little bit of palm oil and the crayfish to make the soup even more delicious.

Jollof Rice Demystified: Unraveling the Secrets of a Beloved West African Dish

If you prefer a less spicy version of the soup, skip the scotch bonnet pepper and use habanero instead. It is also a good idea to add some tomato paste. This adds extra sweetness and enhances the color of the soup. In the end, season with salt and let it simmer. Then serve with pounded yam or fufu. This is a delicious soup that will surely impress your guests.

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