How to Get the Most Out of Custom DTF Printing


custom DTF printing is a versatile print method that can be used on a variety of fabrics for sleek, durable designs. It can be a great solution for streamlined production workflows, particularly those that deal with bulk orders. It’s also a great way to expand your product offering, as it allows you to create unique and complex full color prints.

Express Yourself: Custom DTF Printing Services

To get the most out of custom DTF printing, you should follow certain post-printing steps and considerations to ensure high-quality results. First, you must properly clean and cure the printed fabric. This is typically done by exposing it to UV light and heat, depending on the fabric’s manufacturer’s recommendations.

Once the printed fabric is cured, you can apply it to your desired substrate. Position the transfer carefully, ensuring that it is aligned and straight. Use a placement tool set to help ensure consistent positioning, and press it with a commercial heat press or home iron, following the provided temperature and timing instructions. Once cooled, gently peel away the PET film to reveal the beautiful, high-quality print.

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