Five of the Most Controversial Calls in Sports History


The Most Controversial Calls in Sports History

Sports embody passion and excitement, but they can also be very controversial. One of the reasons is that referee calls have a great impact on the outcome of a game, and when those decisions go wrong, it leads to outrage and frustration. This link เยี่ยมชม UFABET เว็บหลัก ที่

There are plenty of examples of bad calls in sports history, but these five are some of the most controversial.

1. Diego Maradona’s Hand of God Call

One of the most famous examples of a blown call in sports occurred in the 1986 World Cup. Diego Maradona scored what would have been a game-winning goal against England, but it was called off due to a controversial ruling by referee Ali Bin Nasser.

2. NFL Referee Lockout Calls

During the 2012 NFL referee lockout, replacement refs made some terrible calls. They were trying to do their best, but it just wasn’t working. Among those calls was a mistake that cost the Green Bay Packers a win against the Oakland Raiders. The referees called a touchdown that wasn’t a touchdown, and they stood by their decision even after video evidence showed otherwise.

3. MLB Umpire Ruins Perfect Game

During the 1985 World Series, umpire Don Denkinger made a controversial call at first base that essentially ruined a perfect game from Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga. It was a head-scratching call that is still discussed to this day.

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